Don Brodie was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in the small suburban community of Burtonsville, Maryland. As the child of two Jamaican immigrants, Don, his identical twin brother and his two older siblings grew up surrounded by and steeped in the West-Indian culture of their parents.

Don attributes much of his inspiration to his family's perspective and experience but was also heavily influenced by the American alternative scene and unique subcultures introduced to him by his mentors and peers.

Don’s sense of self, of America, and of his artistic curiosities come from observing and exploring the interplay/ harmony/ tension of existing in and in between two cultures.

In 2007, Don relocated to New York City to finish his education at Parsons, The New School, where he studied photography and art history. Upon graduation, Don immediately began to pursue an occupation within the photographic and film industry - first at Milk Studios and later with his own freelance career that continues today.

There are two sides to Don Brodie's creative, editorial and documentary:

Don imagines his editorial work as a means of recording time, creating narratives, and evoking thought. Not always limited to reality, this work rather deals in concepts; ones that are often evolving into bigger pictures and continuously striving to do so with an in-depth and thought-provoking perspective.

While don is a fan of fabrication, he believes looking back on his own background and creating a new perspective from which to experience is central to his documentary work. Here, Don’s voice and point of view come from being in the middle of the experience. For Don, this work is more than just a voyeuristic experience, it is more than just looking through a window - it is about creating a point of entry and allowing the viewers to take part in a visual conversation.

Race, sexuality, culture, as well as social status, often appear as a subtle detail in all of Don’s work as a conscious effort to evoke deeper thought.